Wednesday, October 19, 2011


EdMan 10/19/11:

I have been all over the map lately searching for good stuff.

Here is a list of 80s music that I have been listening to this month:

I finally found mp3s of Gary Myrick and the Figures.
The album is fast speed and excellent to work to - really clean rocknroll licks - "Oh Ya"
Check out  these you tubers!
"She Talks in Stereo":
"Living Disaster":

Then I remembered another old favorite Nick Lowe and downloaded
"Cracking Up"
"Big Kick, Plain Scrap!" these 2 are real gems.  Nick actually has a new album out but his style has radically changed to an old mellow crooner.  I am not that old yet.

Found the wild and crazy The Suburbs on youtube.  See them play:
"Spring Came":
"Tape My Wife to the Ceiling":
I had the exact same hair as the singer!

Peter Case (the old Plimsouls singer) has a new album called "Wig$".  It has some nice J Hooker licks, nice harmonica, some creedance/byrds fuzz guitar.
I also downloaded "The Case Files" album: Very raw and scratchy, light blues, sounding like dylan, reed - some spoken word.  I was hoping that these 2 albums would be as good as "Full Service No Waiting", but they do not come close.  Oh well.

A disappointment was Bryan Ferry's latest "Olympia"  from 2010.  Many of the Roxy Music musicians joined him on this like Phil Manzanera.  I found it very gloomy and dragging.  No umph at all.  No spark.

Chris Isaak's new one "Beyond the Sun" sounds very Karaoke to me.  It is a remake of alot of old classics.  It is straight as an arrow - no bounce - no personality.  His voice is great but the band sounds like it was cut and pasted.  I have only listened to it once...I will give it some more play...

Just Downloaded:
Erasure "Tomorrow's World" r2011
Gary Numan "Dead Son Rising" r2011
The Drums "Portomento" r2011

Looking forward to upcoming releases:
Lou Reed singing with Metallica
Janes Addiction


  1. Thanks for the leads!

    So my kid turned me on to Vampire Weekend. I thought it was carnival music at first. Now I'm digging Blake's Got a New Face and A- Punk. This too may not catch you at first, but I have found myself selecting it often.

  2. OK
    I can't kick the Rolling Stones lately. I know, contrite, right? But if you have never listened to Beggars Banquet from start to end, you've not drunk enough Makers mark!

    Richards didn't make the top 10 of axe men doin' heroin alone!