Monday, October 3, 2011


GregH 9/30/11:

Here are a few things I have been enjoying:

Reggae style music by a white guy that grew up on a boat traveling around the Caribbean.  He has 4 albums and I like them all.  I think my favorite is "Above The Bones".  Favorite songs are "Peace & Love", "Guy With A Guitar", "My Love Goes With You" and "Long Road"

Trevor Hall
Reggae style but not as reggae as above.  Depending on the album can be harder or softer.  I don't care for his most recent album.  Favorite album depends on my mood but recommendation would be to go with his self titled album.  Favorite tunes are "Lime Tree" and "Unity" which is a duet with Matisyahu.  

If you like Booker T., I gotta think you would love Los Straitjackets.  Their good stuff is all instrumental and some of them just take me to a different place.  Can't pick an album but favorite tunes are "Dreamland", "Pacifica","Can You Dig It?", "Isn't Love Grand", "Jetty Motel", "University Blvd.", "Calhoun Surf","Close To Champagne","State Fair", "Catalina" and their covers of classic like "Out of Limits" and "Perfidia".

Staying in the surf music genre, Laika & The Cosmonauts  Cosmopolis 1988-2008 is a great best of album.  Favorites include "Floating","Get Carter" (Yes, the same Get Carter that Human League did) and "Fadeaway".  While Los Straitjackets are heavier on the guitar, these guys have more organs and are probably closer to Booker T.  These guys were from Finland.  They retired a couple years ago and I saw one of their final shows in Boston where they played with Los Straitjackets.  It ruled.  I got a flyer from the show as well as a drum stick.

Feeling like there is no where to guy after you crank "The Trooper" at volume 10?  Follow it up with "Queen of the Reich" by Queensryche.  I would put the first 1 minute of this song up against any other.  It KICKS ASS.  Lyrics are on par with "The Trooper" too:

In the dead of night
She'll come and take you away
Searing beams of light and thunder
Over blackened plains
She will find her way

Flying high through the night
She will hide your fate
As she takes your soul from under
And the blinding light of the castle fades

There is no escape
It's the ending of your precious life

Your soul slipped away
It belongs to the queen of the Reich
The queen of the Reich
Yeah, she's coming for you

You're fading away
Your life cast astray
A victim the beast shall obtain

The light will not shine
For you'll die tonight at her shrine
And black is the last thing you'll see

Over and over
Dreams of dying fill your head
It's the sign of the cross
That you'll find ahead

No one will answer
The light is fading away
Captive souls are screaming out in pain

There is no escape
It's the ending of your precious life

Your soul slipped away
It belongs to the queen of the Reich
You're fading away, no, no, no
The queen of the Reich
You're slipping away, yeah
The queen of the Reich

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